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Explore album art.jpg

perfect offering

with Explore Ensemble

BMF cover.jpg

Barbara Monk Feldman


with GBSR Duo and Mira Benjamin

2021. Released on Another Timbre

John Cage Remixed (Album Artwork).jpg

John Cage Remixed

Mira Calix re-voicings of selected John Cage Sonatas and Interludes

2020. Released on Classical Remix


Julius Aglinskas


with Apartment House

Live@NONCLASSICAL-Barton ens.jpg

Live @ Nonclassical Vol. #1

from Pioneers of Percussion Festival

2015. Released on nonclassical


Steve Reich
Music for 18 Musicians

with Colin Currie Group

2023. Released on Colin Currie Records

songs for a shed.jpg

Ryoko Akama
songs for a shed

solo piano and ensemble pieces with Apartment House

2021. Released on Another Timbre

Nonclassical release.jpg

I hope this finds you well in these strange times - Vol. 1

CHAINES so smol (hewwo) recorded during lockdown with GBSR Duo

2020. Released on nonclassical




2019. Released on all that dust

Eva-Maria Houben disc cover.JPG

Eva-Maria Houben
together on the way

with GBSR Duo and Eva-Maria Houben

2022. Released on Another Timbre

Oliver Leith CD cover C Martin Parr.jfif

Oliver Leith

good day good day bad day bad day

with GBSR Duo

2020. Released on Another Timbre

Tim Parkinson.jfif

Tim Parkinson

Here Comes a Monster

vocals recorded during lockdown

2020. Released on Takuroku

NMC D249 Finnis.jpg

Edmund Finnis

The Air, Turning

with Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

2019. Released on NMC Recordings

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