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KONTAKTE review and album of the week feature in the Guardian:

"Barton and Rhys prove perfect guides to all these complexities; there may already be a number of recordings of this remarkable work, but theirs adds an extra dimension to it, both literally and metaphorically." - Andrew Clements


Public performances are cancelled/postponed/limited until further notice due to Covid-19.


New release out soon:

Oliver Leith - good day good day bad day bad day

released on Another Timbre

18 August 2020


New releases out now:

Tim Parkinson - Here Comes a Monster

released on Takuroku

vocals recorded during 2020 Covid-19 lockdown

May 2020

I hope this finds you well in these strange times

released on Nonclassical

CHAINES - so smol (hewwo) recorded during 2020 Covid-19 lockdown

with GBSR Duo

July 2020

Photo © Dimitri Djuric

"Siwan Rhys seems the ideal interpreter, ever-fresh in her delivery"

International Piano Magazine


"...sofferte onde serene... played with wonderful authority and assurance by Siwan Rhys..."

The Guardian

"Absorbing and elegant music, beautifully played"

Nick Mason, Pink Floyd

"...Berio's wonderful early piano miniatures, tenderly played by Siwan Rhys"

The Telegraph

"...the weird noises pianist Siwan Rhys is plucking into being from under her lid..."

The Guardian

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