"Siwan Rhys seems the ideal interpreter, ever-fresh in her delivery"

- International Piano Magazine

"Barton and Rhys prove perfect guides to all these complexities; there may already be a number of recordings of this remarkable work, but theirs adds an extra dimension to it, both literally and metaphorically."

- KONTAKTE review, Album of the Week, The Guardian

"...sofferte onde serene... played with wonderful authority and assurance by Siwan Rhys..."

- The Guardian

"Absorbing and elegant music, beautifully played"

- Nick Mason, Pink Floyd

"...Berio's wonderful early piano miniatures, tenderly played by Siwan Rhys"

- The Telegraph

"...the weird noises pianist Siwan Rhys is plucking into being from under her lid..."

-The Guardian

Photo © Dimitri Djuric

© 2020 by Siwan Rhys