10 January

American Songbook composer seminar

Purcell School

25 January

Lunchtime piano-percussion recital with George Barton

Programme to include Steve Reich, John Luther Adams, Howard Skempton, and Francesca Le Lohé

Warwick Arts Centre

27 January

American Songbook concert with Lucy Goddard (mezzo soprano)

International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester

31 January

American Songbook student composers concert

Purcell School

7 February

American Songbook lunchtime recital with Lucy Goddard (mezzo soprano)

St Paul's Church, Brighton

16 February - Principal Sound Festival

Nono - ...sofferte onde serene... for piano and tape

Schoenberg - Sechs kleine Klavierstücke, Op. 19

St John's Smith Square, London

18 February - Principal Sound Festival

Webern - Variations for Piano, Op. 27

Jürg Frey - Circular Music No. 4

Feldman - Why Patterns?

Earle Brown - Hodograph I

St John's Smith Square, London

19 February-22 March

Snappy Operas

Mahogany Opera Group

5 March

Composition workshop

Royal Holloway University

25 March

Showing of The Third Part of the Third Measure

Art film by The Otolith Group featuring a performance of music by Julius Eastman

performed by Rolf Hind, Zubin Kanga, Eliza McCarthy, and Siwan Rhys

Institute of Contemporary Art, London

5 April - St John's Smith Square Young Artist concert

Piano and percussion lunchtime recital with George Barton

Francesca Le Lohé - Saida Portraits

John Luther Adams - Four Thousand Holes

St John's Smith Square, London

20-22 April - Occupy the Pianos festival

St John's Smith Square

20th - We Come Together

Rzewski - Coming Together

Peter Maxwell Davies - Miss Donnithorne's Maggot

21st - Polymorphous Polymaths

Zoe Martlew - #skincare (world premiere)

Luke Bedford - Faraway Canons (world premiere)

21st - Eastern Cow Theatre

Rolf Hind - Way Out East (UK premiere)

22nd - You Will Endure Forever

Vivier - Shiraz

29 April - Siren Song with Lucy Goddard (mezzo soprano)

works by Rebecca Clarke, Morfydd Owen, Ivy Priaulx Rainier, Elizabeth Maconchy, Madeleine Dring,

Nicola LeFanu, Lynne Plowman, Judith Weir, and Kerry Andrew.

Clapham Omnibus Centre, London

23 April - 3 May

Living Room Music project

Clod Ensemble

6 May

NMC recording - Edmund Finnis Parallel Colour

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

24 May - St John's Smith Square Young Artist concert

Piano and percussion concert with George Barton

Feldman - Dance Suite (For Merle Marsicano)

Eric Wubbels - doxa (European premiere)

Oliver Leith - good day good day bad day bad day (world premiere)

St John's Smith Square, London

8-9 June

Lille Piano(s) Festival

Vivier - Shiraz

Simon Steen-Andersen - Rerendered

Eastman - Gay Guerrilla

18 June - Aldeburgh Festival

Knussen and Festival Ensemble

music by Feldman, Debussy, and Birtwistle

Snape Maltings

24 June - St John's Smith Square Young Artist concert

Piano and percussion concert with George Barton

Cage - Music for Amplified Toy Pianos

Kagel - Transición II

Stockhausen - KONTAKTE

St John's Smith Square, London


11 July - Hungerford Festival

A British Songbook concert with Lucy Goddard, mezzo soprano

3-11 August - Wales National Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru

Member of adjudicating panel for instrumental competitions

30 August

Piano and percussion recital with George Barton

Oliver Leith - good day good day bad day bad day

St Mary-le-Bow, London

30 September

Octandre Ensemble Composer Portrait - Rolf Hind

Way Out East (with Stefan Baur, saxophone, Loré Lixenberg, voice, and George Barton, percussion)

The Print Room, Notting Hill

11 October

Piano and percussion recital with George Barton

music by Howard Skempton, Betsy Jolas, Luke Bedford, Hannah Lash, Christian Wolff, and Oliver Leith

Warwich Arts Centre

27 October

BBC Radio 3 - Open Ear

Betsy Jolas - Music for Joan

Oliver Leith - good day good day bad day bad day (mvt 8)

LSO St Luke's

25 November

Filthy Lucre - Digital Fragility

Redon, Bethnal Green

4-6 December

Richard Baker/Timberlake Wertenbaker residency and Open Session

Snape Maltings

7 December

Composition workshop

University of Birmingham

13 December 2018

London Contemporary Music Festival - New Intimacy IV

Apartment House

Ambika P3

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